We Create Marvelous Digital Products

Be it a small firm or a well established organization, if your desire is to go web/mobile, we should get talking. We promise to make it remarkably effortless to bring your ideas to reality

Mobile Apps

We firmly believe that your app is more of a conversation between your idea and your customers. We’ll make sure it’s an indelible one, be it Android or iOS.

Web Development

We perceive that designing is more art and less scribbling. With us, you get to create the marvelous designs for your web services, come, let’s sketch it out.


Creating architectural delight with a resistance to failure and use of lighter communications enabling responsive interactions across platforms

Mobilizing you!

Curiously strong mobile app development
Material Design

Combine successful material design principles along with technological innovation, maintain consistency and seek an engaging user interface


Leverage Firebase’s real time data synchronization, ease of handling user authentication, and powerful platform for creating both small and complex apps

Seamless Compatability

Use of dynamic app framework and APKs designed to maximize the device compatibility, resulting in optimized user experience on a variety of devices

Cloud Platform

MBaaS – serverless capabilities, scalable storage as you grow, enhance app’s responsiveness whilst staying secure against cyber security vulnerabilities


Increase the profitability of your app by making use of various strategies like subscription, ads across web/apps, PPC services & tracking of the monetization effectiveness

Progressive Listing

Optimize your app listing on the playstore – expand your brand, make new connections across customers & use of data analytics to learn about user behavior and app performance

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About Us

We’re a team of hard core value creators. Our roots are strong at the bottom, consisting of artistic designers, core programmers, lead developers who build attractive and responsive interfaces through Android/iOS and Web platforms using PHP (Laravel), Ruby on Rails, Firebase, REST APIs, Payment gateways, MySQL, Amazon Web Services, Node JS, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and other cutting edge technologies.

We don’t settle for less – and neither should you when it comes to creating the best. Our aim is to create a niche brand that the customers would love to associate themselves with.


We’d love to hear from you!


Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad, INDIA – 500081

- contact@droid5.com

- +91 7032732586